Corporate Fibre

Next Telecom Corporate Fibre

Giving your business the choice of fibre services on multiple carrier networks

Next Telecom has been providing fibre services in Australia and New Zealand since 2008. Our wholesale partnerships deliver to businesses multiple choices of fibre based on the requirement and preference for the customer.

Often business customers are not given full visibility of what exists within the building they are leasing. More often than not there is more than two choices of services available which can provide benefits such as cost, speed, multiple services offered over the one link.

Giving you the full picture and allowing you the customer to choose what level of service and which fibre service you want is our service strategy - multiple fibre services offered by one service provider.

Next Telecom has the experience and management tools to provide your business with carrier-grade products, presented though a first class service layer.

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Next Telecom Corporate Fibre

Why should you choose Next Telecom?

We are Australian-owned
We provide a personal account manager
We dont operate overseas call centres
We only service business so we are not tied up servicing residential customers
We have earned a 5-star, 24/7 service rating

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