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Giving your business the choice of fibre services on multiple carrier networks

Next Telecom is a provider of business grade fibre services across Australia. We are able to offer multiple carrier solutions that best fit your needs, location and IT requirements.

Redundancy plays vital role in your office contingency as IP Voice, Data and Hosted services are now all carried over your fibre service. Next Telecom can offer your business dual fibre links on separate carrier networks.

Our business fibre offering includes 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 400Mbps, 1Gig and further bandwidth offerings.

Next Telecom also provides to its corporate customers Dark Fibre, Point to Point, MPLS , Data Hosting, Virtual servers.

Fibre400 and Fibre1000

Next Telecom's Fibre400 and Fibre1000 offer symmetric fibre-optic connectivity - giving your business enterprise-grade capability at prices never seen before.

Fibre400 & Fibre1000 supports up to four services  configured within a 400Mbps or 1000Mbps envelope .

Next's customers can choose whether to use their whole bandwidth on a single service (eg. Unlimited Internet) or split bandwidth between multiple services.

Fibre400 & Fibre1000 support up to four services operating within a 400Mbps / 1000Mbps envelope

Private Networking
Point to Point
Secure Private connectivity between 2 sites
A comprehensive private networking solution for multi-site customers featuring 6 classses of service and extensive management options
Unlimited Internet
Enterprise grade internet access with Unlimited Usage plan
SIP Trunking
From 2 to 100 sessions of feature rich IP PBX connectivity with Included Value or Usage-based plans
Virtual Data Centre
Private Connectivity to your Next Telecom Partner Virtual Data Centre or AWS

Our Network, Your Benefit

Key Features and Benefits

Market Leading Price
Your choice of contract term and upfront payment determines your monthly commitment – Simple! Regardless of your selection we’re sure you will find the resultant price incredibly competitive.
You could choose to allocate the entire 400 / 1000 Mbps to a single service (eg: Unlimited Internet) or split it amongst up to four products. Even if you do choose a single 400 /1000 Mbps Unlimited internet service you can change that at any time in the future via Frontier – our online customer portal.
All products available on Fibre400 & Fibre1000 include enterprise-grade features because they are delivered over Next Telecoms Partner’s national business backbone which has been engineered from the ground up to support the most demanding requirements of our business customers.
Superior Reliability
Fibre400 & Fibre1000 come with a 99.95% service availability guarantee backed by a
24x7 business support team 365 days per year.

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