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<span style="font-size:15pt; color: #96C940;"><strong>Gavin Roache</strong></span>
<span style="font-size:13pt;"><strong>Executive Director
Sales and Marketing Director </strong></span> <br/> <a class="link" style="color: #000000; text-decoration: none;" href=""><span class="link" style="color: #000000; text-decoration: none;">Level 38 100 Miller St<br/> North Sydney NSW 2060</span></a><br/> <a class="link" style="color: #000000; text-decoration: none;" href="mailto://[email protected]"><span class="link" style="color: #000000; text-decoration: none;">[email protected]</span></a><br/> <a class="link" style="color: #000000; text-decoration: none;" href="tel://1300-00-6398"><span class="link" style="color: #000000; text-decoration: none;">1300-00-6398</span></a> | <a class="link" style="color: #000000; text-decoration: none;" href="tel://0410-009-455"><span class="link" style="color: #000000; text-decoration: none;">0410-009-455</span></a> <br/> <br/> <a href=""><img src="" width="32" height="32"></a> <a href="!/nexttelecom"><img src="" width="32" height="32"></a> <a href=""><img src="" width="32" height="32"></a> <a href=""><img src="" width="32" height="32"></a> <br/> <br/> <a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="85"></a> <br/> <br/> <br/> <a href=""><img src="" width="592" height="155"></a> <br/> <br/> <br/> <p style="color: #bbbbbb; font-size:12pt;">This e-mail and any attachments are confidential and may contain copyright material of Next Telecom Pty Ltd or third parties. If you are not the intended recipient of this email you should not read, print, re-transmit, store or act in reliance on this e-mail or any attachments, and should destroy all copies of them. Next Telecom Pty Ltd does not guarantee the integrity of any emails or any attached files. The views or opinions expressed are the author's own and may not reflect the views or opinions of Next Telecom Pty Ltd.</p> </body> </html>
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