NBN Traffic Class 2


NBN Business Grade Traffic Class 2 (TC2) services were launched in late 2018 primarily for business and enterprise clients who want a dedicated synchronous data service offering bandwidths up to 100Mbps.

Service Qualification TC2

A service qualification check will be required to establish the maximum speeds available to your property. This will be dependant on the technology type that NBN use to service your property. There is currently a limitation on TC2 copper based services (FTTN & FTTC) where a maximum order can be for 20/20Mbps speeds. If after installation a higher speed is available this can be requested to the carrier. FTTP technology supports speeds up to 100/100Mbps using NBN Traffic Class 2, however Enterprise Ethernet is a more suitable product at this bandwidth.

1:1 Contention Ratio

All NBN Traffic Class 2 plans are provided with a 1:1 contention ratio. This means that dedicated bandwidth and CVC is made available for your connection.

Unlimited Data & Static IP

All NBN TC2 come with unlimited data and a static IP.

Further Information

Further information regarding NBN Traffic Class 2 plans will be posted here in the near future. In the meantime please navigate to the NBN Traffic Class TC2 for further information.