Next Telecom's Service Commitment

Our philosophy is to provide our clients a fresh approach to telecommunications, backed up with service

We are an award-winning telecommunications Service Provider

Next Telecom is an award-winning telecommunications Service Provider specifically servicing the Small Medium Business (SME), Medium Business (SMB) and corporate markets in Australia.

Solutions to give the best possible outcome

Next telecom is an Australian company that offers products which are derived from Australian networks. At Next Telecom we specialize in providing voice, mobile and data service to the SME, SMB and corporate markets, giving our clients the opportunity to purchase the most advanced products on the market at a competitive price. We deliver solutions to give the best possible project outcome in terms of design, manageability and functionality.

Our Products

Our products are designed and tailored to benefit clients using the very latest technology; we focus on producing individual solutions for each project and each new customer. At Next Telecom our philosophy is to provide our clients a fresh approach which is backed up with service.

Our Pricing

Our pricing structure rewards bulk buys instead of favoured clients but we are also competitive on single sales. From product development to our purchasing to how we sell our products, we are always finding better ways to make our products and save our clients money without compromising on quality or design.

Anybody can make a good-quality product for a high price, or a poor-quality product for a low price but to make good products at good prices, you need to develop methods that are both cost-effective and innovative. This has been our focus since the beginning and maximising the use of our online billing platform and production methods has meant that our costs are low and our savings are passed directly onto our customers.

Our Delivery

Our products are professionally designed to ensure we deliver what we promised and there can be no chance of misrepresentation. At Next Telecom our service philosophy is directed to ensure ends with a POST. Pre sales + Post Sales = Delivery. There are no barriers between sales and provisioning at Next telecom, communication is the key to our satisfied customer base.

Most of our competitors end their care the moment you have become a customer. You sign across your services and are left to manage yourself. Buyer beware! We offer 100% commitment to service and response from the 1st point of contact for the life of our client. We work with an excellent network that delivers to nearly every corner of and Asia-Pacific.

Our Guarantee

To back up our first-class products and services we offer a written guarantee to respond to any enquiry within 24 hours. All of our staff have been instructed to ensure emails, phone messages and written correspondence are responded to within this time frame. This is something that is not common-place in our industry. Our commitment to you ensures your money will be spent on service that is guaranteed to perform as it should in any service industry.

We believe if a supplier is not prepared to stand behind claims of quality there is no point making those claims in the first place. We stand firmly behind all of the above claims and encourage you to contact us today for a fair deal from an Australian company on an excellent range of products.

Australian Made

Next Telecom is proudly Australian and endeavours to use as many Australian products as possible. We also commit to having our account management team based in Australia not outsourced overseas like so many of our competitors.

  • Can I say how impressed I was with with your prompt, efficient and helpful response to the problem in porting back to Next Telecom ... and that's where I'll stay. In particular ... thank you for steering me through those dangerous waters.

    Tim Webster
    Radio host

  • Next Telecom have provided us with outstanding support in the process of our Perth branch office transition to NBN. Nothing has been too difficult and issues such as new VOIP phone programming, routers programming, VPN functionality have been handled professionally and efficiently.

    Mark Breznik
    Marketing Manager
    Emona Instruments

  • I'd like to say how extremely happy we are with Next Telecom. Your service and support has exceeded our expectations. We regret not coming on board sooner. We are so pleased with Next Telecom we are in the process of setting up a third internet service for our Melbourne office.

    Michael Chajter
    I.T. Manager
    Fastway Couriers Melbourne

  • Great company to deal with. Very professional and responsive for all our telecommunications needs. We have forged a winning partnership with satisfying results.

    Mario Fricot
    Finance and Administration Manager
    Fitness Australia

  • I just wanted to give some quick feedback with regards to our new phone system installation and training – as managed and run by Martin Sliwo. Martin did a great job, he really looked after us and we’re all very happy with how things have gone so far.

    Chris Brimble
    Knowledge & Information Manager
    Pacific Trade Invest

  • Compared to what was happening with our old supplier - Next Telecom's system ROCKS! There are now so few missed calls, the voicemail system is excellent. The caller ID works well and I got a report from Justine with all the incoming calls; first time ever.

    Ian Bridges
    Planet Ark

  • Every call I've had has been fantastic quality - and it's been great having you handle things on this side, as everything we've thrown at you has been fixed almost instantly. Thanks so much for all the work you put in, it seems to be fine-tuned now into a fantastic service.

    Matthew Barr
    Purchasing / IT Manager
    Qualatex Balloon Pty Ltd

  • Good customer service. Any issues are resolved quickly to our satisfaction.

    Gavin Keeble
    Director and General Manager

  • We've been with Next for about 6 months now and we couldn't be happier. The phones all work great and we have had outstanding level of customer service from day 1. We have a very simple phone service at our small office and this level of customer service is not something we're used to.

    Keith Lindner
    Project Manager
    The NTF Group

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