Corporate data services

Receive superior service with NextTelecom's corporate data services

Next Telecom's corporate data services

Ethernet Over Copper

Great features for business customers:

  • High-quality, dedicated Internet connectivity for a business grade data service managed end to end, combined with the flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness of a purpose-designed solution
  • Three flexible plans: Usage-Based or Tiered Pricing, Prepaid and Flat Rate
  • Supports Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and offers a range of data speed connections to the Internet
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Fibre Ethernet Access

Great features for customers include:

  • Ethernet over Fibre is a highly reliable, flexible, high-speed solution which offers dedicated and guaranteed bandwidth for your network needs.
  • Next Telecom offers a full suite of products over multiple networks including Fibre connectivity.
  • Choose from a variety of Ethernet speed variants and access types! Next Telecom now provides Fibre 1000 Mbps recently replacing Fibre 400 over the AAPT/TPG network.
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Next Telecom IP VPN

Great features for customers include:

  • Move towards linking your offices using Next Telecom's VPN Multiple-office service.
  • Utilising our IP Telephony platform, organisations have moved towards linking their offices using the Internet.
  • Utilising the strength and flexibility of major netowrks, VPN Link provides the ability to run applications that are sensitive to network delays and congestion, providing a more dependable network.
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