Next Telecom Ethernet Over Copper

High-quality, dedicated Internet connectivity

Next Telecom offers three flexible Internet Data plans

Next Telecom Ethernet over copper provides high-quality, dedicated Internet connectivity to customers who require a business grade data service managed end to end, combined with the flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness of a purpose-designed solution.

Plan Features

Usage-Based or Tiered Pricing

A monthly usage charge for each Gigabyte of traffic received across nominated services.


Provides a monthly Internet download usage allowance e.g. 100GB.

Prepaid Internet Data Plan supports usage aggregation from multiple links.

Flat Rate

Provides unlimited Internet usage on the chosen bandwidth.

A fixed monthly charge applies based on the Internet bandwidth.

There are no excess usage traffic fees with this plan.

Choose the most suitable speed and pricing option

Next Telecom Ethernet supports Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and offers a range of data speed connections to the Internet from 2Mbps to 400Mbps.

Benefit from a range of attractive features

Next Telecom delivers Ethernet over copper with the following features for business customers:

  • A high quality, carrier grade Tier 1 IP network (AAPT/Powertel)
  • The option of static or BGP routing
  • Web based usage reporting
  • A high degree of scalability
  • Usage alerts for the prepaid options

Receive superior service

Next Telecom IP-Line provides a high level of service:

  • Supported by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), for peace of mind
  • 24/7 IP core network monitoring and support
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