Next Telecom IP VPN - International access

Next Telecom VPN - International access

Move towards linking your offices using the Internet

Utilising our IP Telephony wholesale partners, organisations have moved towards linking their offices using the Internet. While Internet based VPNs are cost-effective and relatively easy to manage, they rely on public infrastructure that’s not always dependable.

It's also difficult to guarantee the performance of links across the Internet, particularly if network traffic is sensitive to network performance (for example, with VoIP and Citrix).

Utilising the strength and flexibility of MPLS and VPN Links, Next Telecom can provide a clear alternative: a private and secure VPN service that uses access technologies (which may be Ethernet or fibre optic), but doesn’t use the public Internet as the underlying network.

The biggest advantage of Next Telecom VPN Link over an Internet based VPN is the ability to run applications that are sensitive to network delays and congestion, providing a more dependable network.

Next Telecom has a comprehensive portfolio of managed services and access links. In partnership with one of the worlds largest supplier of international back-haul, Next Telecom is able to provide service from Australia to over 160 countries across the globe. This allows us to expand band-with capabilities and deliver enhanced collaboration to enterprises globally from Australia across a highly-resilient and low-latency network.


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