Next Advantage™ Call Centre

A feature-rich, hosted call centre solution

Do away with on-site equipment hassles and costs

Next Advantage™ Call Centre is a feature-rich, hosted call centre solution that does away with on-site equipment hassles and costs, and operates seamlessly across multiple sites via a simple desktop application. Intelligent software routes calls, integrates customer data into a single interface and enables you to optimise call centre processes.

Choose a Call Centre solution that fits your business and enjoy the functionality, the savings, and the freedom to locate your agents anywhere.

Features Of Next Advantage™ Call Centre

  • Flexible, virtual call centres.
  • Automatic call distribution and queuing.
  • Desktop phone and PC client-based agents and supervisors.
  • Advanced queue, supervisor management and reporting tools.
  • Computer telephony integration with a third party CRM.

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Call Centre Express

Call Centre Express is a hosted, virtual call centre solution suitable for small to medium businesses that require receptions or call centre agents with Auto Attendant, automatic call distribution and queueing (ACDQ) with reporting capability.

Call Centre Enhanced

Call Centre Enhanced is suitable for small, medium and large enterprises that require a sophisticated virtual call centre solution.

Call Centre Enhanced adds to the benefits of Call Centre Express with:

  • Client-based agents and supervisors
  • Multiple departments
  • Multiple sites
  • Desk phone integration
  • Desktop client
  • Mobile integrated voice and video agents and supervisors
  • Workforce management
  • Weighted call distribution and queueing
  • Call recording integration
  • Historical and real-time reporting capabilities.

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