Next Telecom SIP

A premium SIP voice service carried over a National MPLS network

SIP Voice enables you to converge voice and data on a single access connection

SIP Voice is a premium voice service carried over a National MPLS network. By delivering voice over IP, SIP Voice enables our customers to converge their voice and data offerings like Internet and IP VPN on a single access connection.

Flexible solutions for growing businesses

Highly flexible, SIP Voice supports from 10 to 300+ SIP Sessions depending on the underlying Ethernet bandwidth. The simple upgrade path makes it easy for customers to respond to changing business needs by scaling up their selected capacity through a logical service modification.

Pathway to convergence and unified communications

Convergence is the way of the future. SIP Voice uses voice over IP to carry voice as well as data applications like Internet and IP VPN over a single Ethernet access. IP connectivity also enables the ease of transition to Unified Communications.

Cost efficiencies derived from simplification

Delivering voice and data over IP simplifies network design and allows for cost efficiencies.

Trunk consolidation reduces the requirement for multiple Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Trunks and associated Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), diminishing hardware and maintenance costs.

SIP Voice is implemented on a single Ethernet connection rather than using multiple ISDN Primary Rate Accesses (PRA's). This removes the need for separate access connections for voice and data, reducing the total cost of installation and monthly recurring charges.

Enjoy ISDN call quality and reliability

With SIP Voice there is no need to compromise on call quality and reliability. While other VoIP providers may utilise voice compression (e.g. G.729 Codec) as part of their solutions, Next Telecom SIP Voice uses G.711 Codec to ensure call quality and reliability.

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