Next Telecom Business Mobile Services

State of the art online billing management for mobile services

Fleet mobile management

Next Telecom offers state of the art online billing management for mobile services. Mobile fleet management is vital to managing costs and stock control of your mobile fleet. Business user reporting allows you to control call costs without having to request from the carrier specific call records. This can be managed all online allowing you to set up cost centres against mobile services and extract specific reporting. Next Telecom launched in 2018 sim only plans available on the Telstra wholesale network.

Next Telecom provides capped mobile business plans as well as SIM only plans allowing you to have no monthly plans for small users. In addition, we only offer per second billing and a full array of on-line self management tools to make managing your mobile services simple.

Combined with our business offerings are technology funds and hardware options. One bill for mobiles combined with all other services including Data and Voice.

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