Next Telecom Business Fibre Internet is a premium, high performance service that provides the speed and bandwidth that is crucial for modern, data hungry businesses.

Gigabit Internet, Fibre 400 and other bandwidths available.

Delivered using ultra-reliable fibre - and powered by Australia’s largest and most trusted networks - our scalable service offers reliable, symmetrical speeds. Business Fibre Internet at a price that won’t break the bank.

Offering excellent content adjacencies, our Business Fibre internet services connect you more directly to the cloud content and applications you use.

Ask us about our options for Symmetrical 4G Failover and Rapid Deployment up to 100Mbps.

Gigabit Internet - 1000/1000Mbps fibre is now widely available.

A few years ago 10/10Mbps was the standard Business Grade Data Bandwidth. Now Gigabit Fibre Internet with 1000/1000Mbps is widely available and cost effective from $699 a month.

Dedicated bandwidth gives you predictable, rapid performance for a great user experience – so that you can collaborate with ease.

Bundle with PBX or Teams Calling

Add Teams Calling or our Cloud Business IP Phone System to your business internet plan for the perfect business bundle.

Business NBN for business applications

Rapid Deployment up to 100Mbps is available on Reach Fibre Business Internet plans to get you working sooner.

4 G 5 G failover available

4G failover is available on Reach Fibre Business Internet plans up to 40/40Mbps for ultimate reliability & redundancy.

Business NBN with Australia support Aussie Support

Your services Business Fibre Internet services are supported by our award winning Australian based team.

Fibre Internet Plans & Features

ProductCarrier Fibre InternetReach WBI Fibre InternetReach EA Fibre Internet
Fibre Internet Plans From $349 $349 $499
Free Install Available? Yes Yes Yes
Symmetrical bandwidths 250/250, 400/400, 1000/1000Mbps 100/100, 200/200, 500/500, 1000/1000 Mbps 100/100, 200/200, 500/500, 1000/1000 Mbps
Contention 1:1 1:1 or contended 1:1
Fibre Network Type Layer 3 Layer 3 Layer 2
Class of Service PIR - High CoS PIR/CIR - High/Low CoS CIR - High CoS
MPLS? No No Yes
Suitable for SD-WAN? Yes Yes Yes
Is Rapid Deployment available? No Yes Yes
Is Unlimited 4G failover available? No Yes Yes
Enhanced Fault SLAs? Yes 12-4Hrs Yes 12 Hrs Yes 8-4Hrs

Get your Business Internet availability report

Contact Next Telecom for your site business Internet availability report. With one click Next Telecom will help you interrogate multiple carrier networks and give you the available Fibre business internet solution bandwidths and your business internet plan pricing guidance .

Ask us about our promotional offers on Business Fibre internet *Conditions apply 1300 722 320

Carrier grade fibre reliability

Fibre is the best available means of connecting to the internet. Business Grade Fibre Internet offer security, availability and scalability that are second to none, with speeds of up to 10Gbps a reality. Links are symmetrical and offer unlimited downloads. Fibre Internet is now available in more locations than ever before.

As an aggregator, you can choose from our range of carrier-grade national network providers to suit your business needs. All backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA.

4G failover up to 40/40mbps

Choose our Reach Fibre and get the option of adding 4G failover up to 40/40Mbps when you need to ensure you have reliable internet. The mobile broadband SIM is inserted into the Network Termination Unit that we supply and it has an unlimited data allowance so you can be assured you will stay on line. We explain about 4G failover up to 40/40mbps in this blog post.

Rapid Deployment

If you need disaster recovery, have a short install time frame and need reliable internet fast, we have the option of Rapid Deployment with 4G up to 100Mbps while waiting for a primary Fibre connection to be installed. We provide a mobile broadband SIM and you will need to supply a suitable BYO LTE device, allowing you to run your network and phone lines over the 4G mobile broadband connection. We have a more in depth article on Rapid Deployment here.

Is Fibre Internet available at my address?

99.95% UPTIME

Industry leading Business Fibre Internet fault restoration SLAs. For even greater peace of mind, consider adopting Symmetrical 4G for backup.


Businesses that have business fibre often need more. SD-WAN, Cloud Firewall, Symmetrical 4G failover & rapid deployment available.


Up to 10Gbps Fibre Internet bandwidths & with Next Telecom Layer 2 & 3 services your cloud apps & content will run like a dream.


If business fibre is available at your site, we’ll deliver it. Through our Layer 2 and Layer 3 network coverage, we cover most locations.


With unlimited data on our Business Fibre Internet there’s no need to worry about data hungry applications.


1. Fibre Internet Site Qualification. 2. Capability & Fibre Internet Plan pricing. 3. Order. 4. Delivery - it's that simple. Ask about our enhanced SLAs.

Next Telecom Cloud Communications for business. Call us now. 1300 722 320

Business Fibre Internet FAQ

Where is Business Fibre Internet available?

With Next Telecom broad selection of network availability we can typically get a Fibre service to all capital cities, Most regional and major townships, many metro areas within 20-50kms of the capital CBDs.

What is the lead time for a Business Fibre Internet connection?

Connection times vary widely depending on your location and the available network carrier. Time frames can be between 20 business days and 6 months or longer. Contact Next Telecom for your service qualification.

What is Rapid Deployment?

Rapid Deployment uses a 4G SIM with up to 100Mbps bandwidth to enable a data connection to be on site within days of ordering. The SIM uses the same IP address as the fibre Internet that is about to be deployed.

What is Symmetrical 4G failover?

Symmetrical 4G failover is where a 4G SIM is enabled for Symmetrical data. Band widths up to 40/40Mbps are available. The starting price for a 10/10Mbps Symmetrical 4G service is well under $100 per month on 36 month term.

We have a discuss Symmetrical 4G failover for our Business Fibre Internet plans in more detail here.

What bandwidths are available?

Bandwidths from 10/10mb to 10/10gb are available but 100/100Mb is often the same price as 10/10mbps

How long does it take to get a site qualification?

Site Service Qualifications (SQ) vary between carriers and your site. If your site is On Net (meaning that the carrier's fibre is already in your building or in front of your building), we can get a service qualification done very quickly. Sometimes as little as 10 minutes. Where a build is required the time frame vary dramatically between carriers from 5 business days through the 40+ business days for remote or complex locations.

Can we get layer 2 Business Fibre?

Yes we can provide a Layer 2 or Layer 3 services from multiple carriers for most of our data services.

How do I get a Service qualification and price for a NBN TC2 and Enterprise Ethernet connection?

Contact Next Telecom using the web form on this page and one of Next Telecoms experienced data professionals will arrange all the required information.

What is the Network Termination Device?

The NTD is the device where the network fibre internet is terminated. The Network Termination Device or sometimes times called the Network Termination Unit (NTU) is the edge of the carrier network. After that point the business internet would normally be then connected to the clients router.

How would a SD-WAN improve our service?

SD-WAN is an application that provides a Cloud based Orchestrator linked to each site. The orchestrator provides enhanced management, visibility and bandwidth control. By bonding multiple Carrier links the SD-WAN provides better network and internet performance and redundancy.