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Voice & Web conferencing is suitable for any business wanting to keep travel costs down while closing the gap between colleagues and clients, regardless of physical location.

With the big improvements in quality, availability and ease of use; today’s voice and web conferencing technology help keep travel costs down, whilst increasing productivity. Keep in contact with dispersed colleagues and clients; facilitate large-scale, secure conferencing all while getting business done quicker using Teams Calling Conferencing or SIP Call Conferencing.

Our Voice and Web conferencing solution offers the flexibility to accommodate up to 100 people calling from anywhere in the world; providing options for Instant Messaging and Presence tools to really boost collaboration whilst keeping your data secure and your business compliant.

For large organisations with offices globally, we can supply local dial-in numbers in more than 70 countries world-wide.

Features and Benefits

Voice Conferencing for Multi Site & a distributed workforce

Delivered world-wide over the largest and most trusted networks

Flexibility to accommodate up to 100 people calling from anywhere in the world

Enhance the experience with Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence tools

Geographical dial-in numbers available in more than 6000 cities globally

24/7 support manned by customer service focused engineers

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What is voice conferencing?

Voice conferencing is when you bring multiple people in different locations together to connect and communicate via a telephone call. Conference calls are a form of audio conferencing.

What are the benefits of voice conferencing?

What are the benefits of voice conferencing?Voice conferencing allows lots of people in different locations to connect and coordinate quickly. The major benefit of audio conferencing is that it eliminates travel costs for in-person meetings and enables efficient and cost-effective long-distance collaboration.

Where is voice conferencing available?

Voice conferencing is available worldwide. Next Telecom voice conferencing offers geographical dial-in numbers in more than 6000 cities across the globe.

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