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Adding value to Australian Government Microsoft Teams implementations

In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication and collaboration are essential for the success of any organisation, especially Australia's Local and State Governments. That’s why Next Telecom is proud to offer a range of innovative, add-on solutions, designed to maximise the potential of Microsoft Teams, the leading collaboration platform.

At Next Telecom, we understand that your government organisation’s needs extend beyond the standard capabilities of Microsoft Teams. That’s where our expertise comes in. Our suite of add-on solutions is specifically tailored to enhance your existing Teams implementation, enabling you to achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and collaboration across all levels of your organisation.

Solutions Include

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Dubber Insights Call Recording and Analysis

Call Centre Solutions

Teams Video Conferencing

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Taking your Teams setup to a new level has never been easier...

Teams Calling for Local and State Government

One phone system, a World of opportunity.

Use native applications for Contact Centre, Call Reporting, Call Recording, Call analytics and SMS from the Teams GUI.

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams features:

Rapid, centralised mass deployments using a single provider across any number of global sites

Number portability for your VoIP, ISDN, PSTN or Mobile Numbers

100s of PBX features including Auto Attendants, Queues and Hunt Groups

Each user has a dedicated phone number (DID) linked to Office 365

Office 365 licensing remains with your Microsoft partner

Visual voicemail

If you are not available to take a call, let visual voicemail take the message for you. Collecting your messages in one place, visual voicemail sorts all messages into a list and can even transcribe your messages to text.

Privacy everywhere

Teams Calling means you only need hand out your landline to business contacts, Teams will send the call to wherever you are and whatever device suits you. Your smartphone and laptop will still be at the centre of doing business, but your mobile number can stay private.

We give you the control you need

Manage your phone number and system features from anywhere, using any device. No need for techs, no need for equipment changes on site – the time and cost of manually configuring your PABX is a thing of the past.

Native Contact Centre for Teams

Call Centre Phone System solutions using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

The Microsoft Teams Calling phone system is evolving and now has an amazing capability. Today, businesses are looking for contact centre integration with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Our cost effective deployments mean you get an ROI fast. And we don’t just deliver a bare bones solution. Our contact centre solutions offer a feature-rich but cost effective solution.

MS Teams Contact Centre solution’s now have robust features including:

Extendable with API’s & Powerframe

Omni-channel communication

Microsoft Graph API

Connectivity from Teams Calling

Native Microsoft Teams application

Graphical call flow designer

Business application & CRM integration

Why use a native Call Centre for Microsoft Teams?

One advantage of a native contact centre for Microsoft Teams is that it keeps the audio stream within the Microsoft environment, avoiding disruptions and potential call quality issues. With a native solution, there’s no need for the audio stream to go through supplier servers.

It also offers professional call/media distribution functionality, allowing you to upgrade your MS Teams calling. You can create call/media queues for customers and route calls to agents based on availability or defined skills.

Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solution

Cutting-edge cloud-based contact centre solution and customer experience technology

Next Telecom provides a cloud-based contact centre platform that is scalable and feature-rich. It offers integration options with other systems and allows businesses to interact with their customers through various channels such as voice, web chat, email, and SMS.

Innovative Cloud Customer Experience Technology

Next Telecom’s customer experience technology is designed to help businesses improve their interactions with customers. It provides real-time analytics, reporting, and recording capabilities, empowering staff to meet changing customer demands.

Preferred Channel Communication

Next Telecom allows businesses to respond to customers through their preferred communication channels. This includes calls, emails, web chat, and SMS, enabling businesses to create positive customer interactions.

Data-Driven Decisions

The platform offers data visualisation tools that help businesses make data-driven decisions. It provides insights into contact centre performance, including call volumes, reasons for customer queries, and customer satisfaction scores. Next Telecom also integrates with business intelligence tools like Power BI to produce valuable reports.

Security and Compliance

We offer features such as quality assurance, call recording, and PCI payment tools to help businesses achieve contact centre compliance objectives.

Sales, Customer Service, and Fundraising Tools

We provide tools tailored to optimise sales performance, enhance customer service, and assist with tele-fundraising for charities. These tools include a sophisticated dialer, lead management features, and multi-channel communication options.

Business Continuity and Collections

Next Telecom offers options for building resilient contact centres with business continuity features. We also provide efficient contact strategies for collections, allowing businesses to reach more contacts and report outcomes effectively.

Why Next Telecom?


With stacks of experience in delivering next-generation ICT solutions, our Teams Calling onboarding is world class.


Want to keep your existing phone numbers? Number portability allows you to retain your existing numbers on Teams Calling.


No matter where your business is located, Next Telecoms Teams calling network access can deliver business services.


Order the number of Microsoft Teams Calling users you need now, and scale up (or down) quickly if required.


24/7 support manned by our Australian based and customer service focused engineers in our Sydney & Melbourne Offices.


All you need to do is have your Office 365 plan and your numbers ready to port to Teams. We work with your MSP to do the rest.

Dubber Insights

The world’s leader in conversation capture and conversation intelligence.

Unlock critical voice insights with Dubber Insights, leveraging the power of Moments. In the Cloud and native to your mobile, UC, and other services, Dubberis the ideal solution for local government. It's cost-effective, scalable, and easy to implement, with theadded benefits of being hardware-free, secure, and compliant. Dubber Insights gives you everything you need to empower your teams with first-in-class conversation capture.

What is Dubber Moments?

Transform conversations into business insights with Dubber Moments, our award-winning AI-powered conversation intelligence solution. Two powerful Moments – Complaints and Service Delivery – have been meticulously designed to address the most pressing challenges faced by local governments and deliver immediate business value.

What makes Moments unique?

Leverage the power of AI to identify and understand key Moments within conversations. But we don't stop at mere data extraction. Our cutting-edge technology analyses the context of entire conversations, allowing us to connect and correlate Moments across all interactions.

Dubber Moments for Local Government

What is Complaints?

Complaints is a Moment designed for local governments seeking to effectively track and analyse complaints across the communities they serve, providing actionable insights to address residents' concerns promptly and efficiently.

What is Service Delivery?

Service Delivery, developed exclusively for local governments, enables them to capture, categorise, and present a consolidated view of all service requests. It empowers governments with invaluable insights to better understand their community's service needs.

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Implementation

Seamless Collaboration, Anytime, Anywhere.

Next Telecom Video Conferencing offers a powerful solution tailored to the needs of Local and State Government organisations. Our technology enables seamless connectivity across any VC device or platform, empowering government teams to collaborate effectively regardless of their locations.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is crucial for government entities to create productive working environments that foster digital habits and collaboration. Next Telecom, in partnership with MS Teams, provides the driving force behind enterprise-grade video, voice, and collaboration experiences. By leveraging our solution, government teams can make faster decisions, encourage innovation, and enhance communication efficiency.

Our comprehensive video conferencing solution seamlessly integrates with our Team Calling & Cloud Business Phone Hosted Voice platforms, ensuring a unified communication experience for government organisations. Whether teams are working locally or globally, our hosted gateways enable effortless connectivity across a diverse range of equipment. This means even overseas offices with different platforms can join the conversation seamlessly, promoting effective collaboration among government entities.

Transform Your Communication with Expert Video Conferencing Solutions

If you need assistance with designing, scoping, project managing, and installing your Video Conferencing solution in Australia, our Next Telecom team is here to help. Our services include project management, site inductions, hardware training, and professional installation with hidden cabling and data cabling installation.

Next Telecom is a Microsoft Partner for Gold Communications

Being an MS Gold Partner for Communications means something!

Its means that Next Telecom has been certified by Microsoft for our MS Teams Calling products and our ability to deploy them.

So choosing Next Telecom is choosing a Microsoft Teams Partner you can trust.

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