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New ACMA Multi Factor Identification Requirements

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Customer Identity Authentication.

ACMA has recently announced the introduction of multi-factor identity authentication to confirm the person requesting a transaction is our customer, or our customers authorised representative. The rules are designed to protect customers from the serious harms (including identity theft) that can result from unauthorised access to accounts and information, such as via fraudulent SIM-swap requests.

Identify high-risk customer transactions may include:

  • SIM swaps
  • transfers from a post-paid to a pre-paid service
  • transfers of title (also known as change of ownership)
  • adding additional phone service/s to an account
  • activating a service for an overseas customer
  • buying an additional mobile phone
  • blocking International Mobile calls.

When calling our customer service delivery number 1300 00 6398 you may be asked to confirm certain information on your account and be in a position to access your authorised email address to confirm a one-time password.

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