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NBN Enterprise Ethernet 10Gb Plans now available

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NBN Enterprise Ethernet 10Gb Internet plans are now available

NBN Co has now released its new super fast Enterprise Ethernet plans from to 2gb to 10Gb plans. The new 10Gb Enterprise Ethernet Internet plans are available in selected cities and townships within the Enterprise Ethernet Business Zone foot print. With bandwidth of up to 10Gbps or 10,000 Mbps, the plans are around 100 times faster than the most commonly ordered 100Mbps NBN Enterprise Ethernet plan. NBN are saying the plans are up to 10Gb as it appears their technology will max out at around 9.5Gbps.

The new plans will be available for up to approximately 900,000 businesses located in the 304 business fibre zones. NBN 10Gb Enterprise Ethernet plans will also be available on request at many data centres in metro and regional areas.

NBN 10Gb Enterprise Ethernet services are symmetrical, meaning they upload and download speeds are the same and come with unlimited data. NBN 10Gb Enterprise Ethernet uses the NBN direct fibre between the fibre access node and the business premises and have an availability target of around 99.95%.

Around two-thirds of locations within NBN business fibre zones will have access to the new 2Gbps–10Gbps services delivered within 50-60 business days. NBN Co will provide free installation on 36 month agreements.

Having access to cost effective 10Gb fibre in Metro and regional areas will deliver significant efficiency benefits for high volume data users in industries such as health and high data intensive imaging, education, businesses running mission critical cloud applications, and any business needing fast upload and downloads.

"The NBN network has changed our Australian way of life – it helps us do more – and this improved access technology will open the door on many new opportunities for businesses across the country," said NBN Co general manager of business customer experience Steve O'Rourke.

"As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so too does the NBN business offering - we expect demand for higher speed services to grow over time, as businesses further invest in technologies that require reliable, secure, high-speed broadband connectivity, including those in regional areas."

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