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The Top 7 Reasons SD-WAN should be considered by any business running a Multi Site WAN.

SD-WAN has been available for over 5 years now and has driven the move away from MPLS. But like anything considered “new” there is still some reluctance for network managers to full embrace SD-WAN.

SD-WAN should be considered as a simpler and smarter way to build and manage your network. SD-WAN is the missing piece of the next generation Network Management puzzle. Unlike MPLS, SD-WAN allows the Network Manager to build separation between the Fibre and Data links and the Network Management layer. This gives the network Manager flexibility in managing links and other network assets and using SD-WAN provides far greater visibility.

The main things to consider when considering the deployment of a SD-WAN will include Multi Link, Zero Touch Deployment, Dynamic Multi Path Optimisation, Link Steering, application management, and security.

1. Zero Touch Deployment

Zero Touch Deployment is exactly that. Configure your network policies in the cloud, plug the device into an active link and it will retrieve all the network policies assigned to that site. No need to go site to site for deployments. As long as you have a live data link and someone onsite who can plug the power in and connect the Ethernet to the device you can deploy remotely.

2. Multi Links

You no longer need to reply on a single Data link. SD-WAN uses multiple Fibre, NBN, Fixed Wireless or 4/5G links and can form a business grade service over anywhere up to 5 data links. The Network Manager can choose to bond multiple links providing stability, reliability, and redundancy.

This has the secondary benefit of allow Network Managers to use lower cost link especially in regional and more remote locations.

3. SD-WAN Security

VMWare has included optional Cloud Web Security and Secure Remote Access applications with its SASE SD-WAN suite giving you the ability to keep your team and data safe from malicious actors when working on site, or from home. Having visibility over the attempted intrusions and seeing the methods used to tryb and gain access provides the critical intel required for running your network.

SD-WAN security

4. Application Management

Network Managers can control QoS for all applications and determine the priority for each application at the tick of a box. Or you can choose to use VMware’s built-in application priority list and allow the orchestrator to manage the applications based on its application priority data base.

5. Link Steering

On-demand, Per-packet link steering is performed automatically based on the measured performance of each data link. This then delivers sub-second blackout and brownout with no degradation, jitter or buffering.

6. Path Selection

Path selection will select the optimal link for any given application when in use. The SD-WAN can determine of the carrier link has peering with any of the SaaS applications in use and will keep the session active on the best available link for that application. If the primary link for this application fails, the SD-WAN will determine then next best available path and use that providing the end user with lower latency and an overall better user experience.

7. Packet Steering

Dynamic Multi-Path Optimisation delivers packets over the best available data link based on a range of factors including application requirements, priority, and other performance metrics. By bonding links, the packet steering may send packets over multiple links and allows the SD-WAN to select the optimal data path for any traffic flowing through the network. This delivers a far better user experience and can save significant costs over expensive fibre links.

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