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What are the benefits of a Contact Centre as a Service model? (CCaaS)

Shaun Barnes

CCaaS is a commonly used acronym in the Business-to-Business (B2B) industry. It stands for ‘Contact Centre as a Service’ and it refers to software as a service (SaaS) – based applications that enable organisations to manage multichannel customer communications through cloud contact centre technology.

From reducing costs to enabling greater scalability and flexibility in work, CCaaS can be an ideal model for many businesses looking to optimise performance, customer experience and efficiency in their contact centres.

ipSCAPE Able

Innovation and AI

With the rise and acceleration of machine learning and AI, organisations looking to create a modern and future-proof contact centre need to move from their on-premises solution to the cloud.

By migrating to the cloud, organisations gain access to these AI features without the need for extensive development or integration efforts.

Cloud Contact Centre solutions such as ipSCAPE, have deep integration capabilities with AI tools such as Azure Cognitive services. Neural synthetic voices available in Azure, are readily available in ipSCAPE’s workflows builder as ‘Virtual Agents’, to create IVR automations for scalability and cost-efficient customer service.

Similarly Cloud Contact Centre platforms such as ipSCAPE provide integrations to Speech Analytics solutions which can be leveraged for sentiment analysis, compliance, and fraud detection.

Reduce Costs

Cloud-based contact centres typically follow a pay-as-you-go model, allowing organisations to avoid large upfront investments in hardware and infrastructure while also freeing up an in-house IT team who would need to support and manage this set up.

Furthermore, with a CCaaS model, organisations will be able to seamlessly manage system upgrades, ensuring the organisation has access to the latest version of the solution.

Ease of Scalability

Many contact centres experience peaks and troughs in demand throughout the year. Having a scalable cloud contact centre solution is a crucial requirement to ensure the technology can support growth and to help manage costs. CCaaS solutions enable businesses to scale up or down, depending on their requirements and easily add agents into the system when they need. Furthermore, you only pay for the licences you use to support you as your business grows or scales down during quieter periods.

Greater flexibility and productivity

CCaaS applications do not require team members to work from a single geographical location. Instead, agents can work from anywhere that has an internet connection and a voice path.

For contact centre managers that want to visibility on their team’s performance, CCaaS software such as ipSCAPE allows easy access to performance data such as customer interaction and agent activity data in real-time, through reporting and wallboards. This ensures that managers have the transparency to see how productive and effective their team are being while working remotely.

Improved Customer Experience

As a cloud solution, CCaaS technologies can more easily integrate with other cloud applications leverage Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology. By integrating with CRM software, CCaaS solutions allow you to improve the customer experience by leveraging data in the CRM, to tailor and personalise interactions. Data fields such as last interaction date, call notes and interaction history can be used by an agent to obtain context before making a call. Or in an inbound call situations, a record can ‘pop’ to show information about a customer that has called into the contact centre.


Powerful Enterprise telephony and expertise

Cloud Contact Centre solutions such as ipSCAPE provide organisations access to enterprise-grade telephony, that is monitored for latency and jitter.

Next Telecom is able to provide enterprise voice for end-to-end communication for the back office and the contact centre, improving collaboration, efficiencies and reducing costs.

ipSCAPE is a cloud communication technology solution that is feature-rich, scalable, and has advanced integration capabilities. Provisioned through Next Telecom, organisations can achieve seamless communications for whole of business operations adding into Next Telecom’s complete VOIP or MS Teams Calling solutions.

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