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Join the Next Telecom national Partner Program and tap into a range of telecommunications and data products that offer upfront and recurring revenue streams. Whether you run an MSP, IT business, or specialise in selling and maintaining PBX Phone Systems, our dedicated support, extensive training, cutting-edge product suite, and fresh approach make us the ideal partner of choice.

Lucrative Program: Maximise earnings with a highly lucrative partner program. Generate unlimited revenue streams through upfront and ongoing commissions.

Future-Proof Product Suite: Access all the essential products your business needs to stay ahead, including Teams Calling, Layer 2 & 3 Fibre with speeds up to 10Gb, SD-WAN, NBN &NBN EE, Hosted PBX, and our leading inbound 13/1300/1800Platform.

A non exclusive partnership adding revenue to your business.

What are the key benefits to you being a channel partner?

  1. Revenue Generation: Channel partners can earn commissions, discounts, or margins on the products or services they sell, providing an additional revenue stream for their business.
  2. Access to a Wider Customer Base: By partnering with an established manufacturer or vendor, channel partners can tap into the existing customer base of the partner, expanding their reach to potential customers who might not have been accessible otherwise.
  3. Reduced Time to Market: Channel partners can bring products or services to market more quickly by leveraging the partner's existing infrastructure, supply chain, and resources.
  4. Established Brand and Reputation: Partnering with a well-known and reputable brand can enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of the channel partner's business.
  5. Sales and Marketing Support: Many channel partnerships come with marketing and sales support from the manufacturer or vendor, which can include advertising, promotional materials, and training.
  6. Product and Industry Expertise: Channel partners can benefit from the expertise and knowledge of the manufacturer or vendor, which can help them better understand and sell the products or services.
  7. Cost Savings: Channel partners often save on research and development costs, as they don't have to create their own products or services from scratch.
  8. Diversification of Product Offerings: Channel partners can expand their product or service offerings without the need for extensive investment in development, which can help them better meet customer demands and diversify their revenue streams.
  9. Risk Mitigation: While there are risks associated with any business venture, channel partnerships can help mitigate some risks by leveraging the partner's resources and support.
  10. Access to Training and Resources: Channel partners often receive training, resources, and ongoing support from the manufacturer or vendor, helping them stay competitive and up-to-date in their industry.
  11. Business Growth Opportunities: Successful channel partnerships can lead to additional growth opportunities, such as becoming the preferred partner or expanding into new markets.
  12. Long-Term Relationships: Strong channel partnerships can lead to long-term relationships and mutual success, creating a stable and predictable business environment.

Talk to us today for a complete overview on our Next Telecom channel partner model.

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