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MS Teams for councils and local government

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Local and State Government - Microsoft Teams

Adding value to Australian Government Microsoft Teams implementations

In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication and collaboration are essential for the success of any organisation, especially Australia's Local and State Governments. That’s why Next Telecom is proud to offer a range of innovative, add-on solutions, designed to maximise the potential of Microsoft Teams, the leading collaboration platform.

At Next Telecom, we understand that your government organisation’s needs extend beyond the standard capabilities of Microsoft Teams. That’s where our expertise comes in. Our suite of add-on solutions is specifically tailored to enhance your existing Teams implementation, enabling you to achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and collaboration across all levels of your organisation.

Teams Calling for Local and State Government

One phone system, a World of opportunity.

Use native applications for Contact Centre, Call Reporting, Call Recording, Call analytics and SMS from the Teams GUI.

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams features:

Rapid, centralised mass deployments using a single provider across any number of global sites

Number portability for your VoIP, ISDN, PSTN or Mobile Numbers

100s of PBX features including Auto Attendants, Queues and Hunt Groups

Each user has a dedicated phone number (DID) linked to Office 365

Office 365 licensing remains with your Microsoft partner

Native Contact Centre for Teams

Call Centre Phone System solutions using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

The Microsoft Teams Calling phone system is evolving and now has an amazing capability. Today, businesses are looking for contact centre integration with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Our cost effective deployments mean you get an ROI fast. And we don’t just deliver a bare bones solution. Our contact centre solutions offer a feature-rich but cost effective solution.

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Implementation

Seamless Collaboration, Anytime, Anywhere.

Next Telecom Video Conferencing offers a powerful solution tailored to the needs of Local and State Government organisations. Our technology enables seamless connectivity across any VC device or platform, empowering government teams to collaborate effectively regardless of their locations.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is crucial for government entities to create productive working environments that foster digital habits and collaboration. Next Telecom, in partnership with MS Teams, provides the driving force behind enterprise-grade video, voice, and collaboration experiences. By leveraging our solution, government teams can make faster decisions, encourage innovation, and enhance communication efficiency.

Our comprehensive video conferencing solution seamlessly integrates with our Team Calling & Cloud Business Phone Hosted Voice platforms, ensuring a unified communication experience for government organisations. Whether teams are working locally or globally, our hosted gateways enable effortless connectivity across a diverse range of equipment. This means even overseas offices with different platforms can join the conversation seamlessly, promoting effective collaboration among government entities.

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