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What is 4G failover with Single IP redundancy?

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Single IP redundancy

One of the issues facing Network Managers when adding data link redundancy has been Managing IP transition between data links in the event of a network failover. Previously Network Managers would need to manage this via clever Network Device Management.

Our Reach Fibre Internet now has 4G failover with IP transparency providing continuity of service in the event of a link outage, without the need for external device management to handle this circumstance. The SIM slot is built into the NTU and the traffic routes over the same tunnel on our Layer 2 network giving this network assurance.

What's more the NTU can be deployed to the clients networks Team with the SIM Card prior to the site being available for pre configuration and testing and then be shipped to the site and used for a Rapid Deployment using the same IP address. This is ideal in those cases where infrastructure shortfalls or unforeseen lead in or cabling issues cause Fibre Installation delays.

4G failover up to 40/40mbps

When Next Telecom choose our Reach Fibre, they get the option of adding 4G failover up to 40/40Mbps or up to 100/50Mbps. Our Layer 2 Fibre Internet 4G uses the same IP address as the Fibre Internet for when you need to ensure you have a seamless failover. The 4G Mobile Broadband SIM is inserted into the Network Termination Unit that we supply and comes with an unlimited data allowance so you can be assured you will stay on line without running up expensive 4G data charges.

It's a huge leap forward for redundancy on WAN networks and only available on Reach Fibre.

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